Thursday, June 04, 2009

Roomba Report

If I don't record these observations as I make them, I will forget. If you're not interested, just skip the posts.

Yesterday, I used Roomba on my laminate kitchen floor again. I was very pleased with his performance. The only thing he missed was a little piece of index card that the brush and roller failed to pick up. He did a thorough job otherwise. So what was new? I have a washable throw rug type runner in front of my cabinets and a matching rug in front of the stove. This time, I left them down for Roomba to tackle. He did an acceptable job. There was not a problem with getting on or off the rugs. Of course, I will still have to launder them frequently, but this should cut down on laundering just to remove spilled flour or something.

Now for the very slightly negative. I have 5 chairs in my kitchen that have legs that are wide enough for Roomba to go between. I have observed, though, that I need to pull the chairs out a Roomba width from the table before I start him in order to not slow him down too much. In addition, I need to remove the 5th chair from the room. Othewise, it creates a traffic pattern that is more time-consuming. The reason this is important is that if you slow him down too much, you risk his needing to dock for recharging before he has completely finished the room.

Absolutely no knitting so far this week. It's been a strange week.

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