Sunday, July 05, 2009


  • A good way to spend the 4th of July--In between loads of laundry and some cooking, I watched ALL of the miniseries The Revolution on the History Channel, followed by the Firecracker 400 from Daytona.
  • The extra tv time let me FINALLY get my February Lady Sweater back to the point before the first frogging. Then I stopped. I'm having to do math, and I wasn't in the mood for all that counting. For race time knitting, I worked on one of the blankets I'm knitting for the Victory Junction Gang Camp--a log cabin in red, orange, yellow, green, blue acrylic to meet the camp specifications.
  • Today I'm packing for a vacation. This is our first in 3 years or so. I need to decide on sock yarn and get my sock bag packed. I'm also going to stick in my spindle and the batts I'm spinning. I'm taking my laptop as well, and if things work out, I will blog from the road with pictures. "If things work out" means that I've never used my laptop with WiFi before, so I hope I can get things to work. The first two days of our trip, we are going somewhere I found out about last winter--lovely old hotel, I hope, fiber-related sites, and some interesting shopping. With reservations--hotel reservations! From there, we will go on to my DH's kind of vacation--totally unplanned, no reservations, no set agenda, which means we may do something fun or come back home and spend a couple of quiet days. For me, relaxing means that I know that when I get to the destination, which I have had lots of fun planning for, there will be a room and amenities waiting for me. For him, that is a schedule and a "have-to" and spoils the spontaniety of being off work. After 30 something years of marriage, we still haven't worked out a change in attitude on either of our parts, so this is a compromise.
  • Edited to add: Travel sock project will be Blackrose socks in Mountain Colors Bearfoot colorway Gray Wolf.

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