Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Different Fiber Experience

Because of a demonstration I saw a couple of years ago, I have become interested in the idea of a triloom. I didn't want to make a significant investment, either of the time to build one or the money to buy one, without trying out the technique. This is a 30" triloom made from a kit from Hideaway Homestead's Etsy store. It is plywood rather than hardwood, and I supplied and hammered in my own nails. The yarn is some Paton's Classic Merino that I had on hand. Because it is a variagated yarn, it made a pseudoplaid pattern when woven. The loom has a 1/2" sett, which means that I probably should have used a double yarn, but I was just trying things out.

This is the completed scarf on the loom, with fringe, which I put on wrong but still seems to look ok.

This is the scarf off the loom. I think it "shrunk" about 3 inches. I don't know if that means that I was weaving too tightly. I didn't think so.

The next step is fulling. I have agitated the wool twice in hot water, once with Eucalan and once without. Although it has bloomed some, I can't tell the weave has tightened much. I'll make another picture and post when it dries. Perhaps I should have fulled more energetically, but I am a little concerned about felting since this yarn is sort of the felter's friend.
Did I enjoy doing this project? Yes. It is faster than knitting and uses less yarn and the effect of the weaving pattern on the yarn is astounding. However, I think I would enjoy one of the bigger looms that rests on an easel more. This one is almost too big for a lap loom--very awkward for me to maneuver without knocking something over. Also, I don't have much use for little scarves like this.

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Sherie said...

that's a pretty neat kit and I like the scaft. You are right thought, it looks a bit on the smallish size. Great idea.