Friday, July 10, 2009

Jane Austen #2--Persuasion

Persuasion has all the elements of the usual Jane Austen novel--an independent-minded heroine; the reserved man you just know will end up with her; his rival who is too good to be true, at least temporarily; and an assortment of misunderstandings, inheritance issues, and other plot complications. This novel, however, strikes me as being more mature than her earlier works, which is, I suppose, logical. Anne is older. Her family is less amusing and more hurtful. Emma's father loves her; the mother in Sense and Sensibility is admirable in the face of difficulties; even Mrs. Bennet is doing what she thinks is right for her daughters; however, Anne's father does not care for her; the oldest sister is downright mean; the youngest sister is Lydia allowed to hang around and make life painful for everyone in the vicinity. I also have the feeling that Austen must have admired her brother the sea captain very much.

I read this novel by listening to the audio version recorded on Librivox by Elizabeth Klett (Gloriana). Her readings are excellent--and free.

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