Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Jane Austen Challenge #1

Being off work and able to watch a movie early in the morning is fun!

I kicked off the Jane Austen Challenge by watching The Jane Austen Book Club. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I was disappointed. The premise of women helping each other by using Austen's works, first as a pretext, and then later because they found that the different works spoke to their needs, was an interesting one.

I was upset, however, by one of the storylines. Perhaps because I am a teacher myself, I was horrified by the behavior of the teacher who was becoming romantically involved with the student. All our sympathy was supposed to be with her problems, and we were supposed to feel that she stopped in time--no harm, no foul. Well, I'm sorry, folks. She was already way across the line. I'm just glad she didn't go farther. Not to mention that the little make out scene in the school parking lot (faculty parking lot?) which made them both late for class was ridiculous.

I also noticed that this movie errs, I believe, in the same way other modern readings of Austen sometimes do. She may have commented directly on the ironies of the social system of her day, but she would not qualify as a radical feminist.


vvb32 reads said...

hmmm, interesting review on the movie. I wonder if the book is any better. Sounds like the title of the book and premise of the bool club is just a draw to get austen fans. Do you think it is worth watching?

Miss Remmers said...

I was also disappointed with this movie. I bought it as a 'blind buy' simply because the idea intrigued me. Nothing about the movie really sucked me into it. I don't really know if I will read the book (the movie sort of ruined it for me). The one thing that it did positively affect me was that I REALLY wanted to join a book club afterward. Needless to say the movie is in a box somewhere and I haven't watched it since.
Sorry your challenge got off to such a start - good luck with the next bit!

FugueStateKnits said...

I saw that movie and, like you, was a little disappointed that there wasn't more about the actual literature and, also like you, was HORRIFIED and disgusted at the young teacher's behavior.
The only good thing about the movie is that now I want to read more of Ms. Austen's books:)

Lovesromances said...

I haven't seen movie yet, but I attempted to read the book and was really disappointed by it. I just didn't see what all the fuss was about. Congrats on finishing one of the six challenges!

Lit and Life said...

Wow, I've heard that the movie is better than the book. If the movie was this lame, I really have no desire to pick up the book!

christina said...

This is so disappointing. I just finished reading the book version (review can be found here ) and was not terribly impressed with it either!