Thursday, August 06, 2009

Anyone as Weird as I Am?

Are you ever tempted by the word-like combinations that computers create for word verification so that you can post a comment? At first, I only tried to pronounce them. Lately, I've been tempted not only to pronounce them, but to define them and use them in a sentence.
For example:

thooket--a tool for crocheting with exceptionally thick yarn. When the size 35 crochet needle kept slipping, she was forced to buy a thooket to finish the anchor rope for the yacht.

Any suggestions for this one? CLEAN suggestions.


Any interesting non-words of your own?


Carrie said...

It's related to the mountain vole, though this one makes a noise that sounds similar to "phimp, phimp!" when excited.

FugueStateKnits said...

The pockmarks left on the face of a pimp who never used Clearsil; sign of past sin, as in "The mark of Cain was patterned in his phimpnoles."

Deb said...

phimpnole: a storage place for small items in a rowboat or dinghy. He shipped his oars, reached under the seat, and took his carefully wrapped sandwich from the phimpnole.