Monday, August 17, 2009

Random Act of Unkindness

We were in a nearby town yesterday, and my DH decided he wanted to go to the grocery store. It was not my week to have a list prepared, and I know I have to go next weekend, so I stayed in the car while he went in for "sandwich" things, since I'm going back to school this week and he won't be getting home-cooked lunches. (9 bags of chips?)

I'm sitting in the car in the parking lot in the warm sunshine. By the way, this supermarket will still take your purchases to your car for you.
Here comes a well-dressed lady rolling her own cart out with four or five bags of groceries in it. She pulls up to the back of her late-model SUV (not a judgement--I drive an SUV), unloads the groceries, and then she doesn't return the cart to the ltttle cart slot. OK, I've seen people do that before. I've perhaps even done it myself once or twice. However, she doesn't push it into an empty parking space or up into the space in front so that cars can still pull in, or even just leave it sitting. Instead, she deliberately pushes it up in front of her front door, lifts the rear end of the cart, and turns it sideways, running it into the front quarter panel of the car beside her. This sideways arrangement has to be very inconvenient for her own backing out, and it is just in the position where the driver of the other car probably won't see it until that scraping noise makes him wonder what he has hit. I was watching to see what happened, and I would have removed the cart if necessary before we left the lot, but a grocery employee beat me to it.

I just had to wonder why someone went the extra step to be so deliberately unkind. I can understand someone being in a rush or just too lazy to return the cart although being too lazy is hardly an excuse at a store that will take the groceries to your car. Was this an enemy? Was it someone who didn't think the paint job on the rather modest older vehicle mattered to its owner?

English teachers, I know I mixed verb tenses, but it's the first day of school and I d0n't have time to fix it right now.


LizzieK8 said...

I think misery loves company and if an individual can't figure out how to make themselves happy, they can, at least, figure out how to possibly make someone else miserable.

Or they are so stupid, unthinking and self-centered that it doesn't occur to them what they are doing could harm someone else's vehicle.

Robin said...

Not returning grocery carts is a big pet peeve of mine. Another is people parking in the NO PARKING lane to run in and order at Subway or the Chinese restaurant in a shopping center where we leave. You have to wonder about these people.