Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fabulous Friday and Productive Saturday

Sorry, I couldn't think of an alliterative word for "productive."

I hit a double on Friday--two beaming 2.5-year-old granddaughters, who live 70 miles apart--each demonstrating the use of her new potty seat. Pride of accomplishment doesn't get much better than that! I also attended a very productive professional conference on vertical teaming Pre-K through Bachelor's Degree, but who cares? In the great scheme of things, the potty chair is probably more important for a life skill.

On Saturday, I altered a jumper that I knitted a few years ago to fit a little sister, I hope. I moved straps over and added side ties to the bottom of the bodice so that width could be adjusted. I don't think my alterations would have worked in a smooth yarn, but this was TLC Wiggles, so the little confetti-like bits everywhere hid a number of little irregularities.

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