Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lost in Austen--Jane Austen Challenge #4

The DVD of the British miniseries of Lost in Austen is a very entertaining romp through the world of Pride and Prejudice. I liked the central idea of the piece—a modern British young woman unexpectedly changes places with Elizabeth Bennet, but as herself, not as Elizabeth. The result is something of a mix of a romantic comedy and the gentle satire of Austen, with perhaps a touch of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court thrown in.

I particularly enjoyed the performance of Alex Kingston as Mrs. Bennet; she was always a favorite of mine on ER. Eliot Cowan’s performance as Mr. Darcy was not only a satirical take on Austen’s character, but a wonderful parody of Colin Firth’s performance in my favorite miniseries. Morvan Christie’s performance as Jane Bennet was also reminiscent, deliberately so, I think, of the former film. Since to much of the public, P&P is a movie, not a novel, these references were perhaps necessary.

To me this work was somewhat marred by the unnecessary intrusion of a few extraneous and really gross sexual references that just didn’t seem to fit with the mood of the rest of the film. I know that British humor and television is somewhat different than ours, but those items were a jarring note in an otherwise outstanding performance.


Camille said...

Yes, yes, that is it. Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court! That is a very good way to describe this. I LOVED Alex Kingston, not a dotty, feather-headed Mrs. Bennet BUT a fierce mother bear trying to do the best for her daughters. Loved her. Loved Hugh Bonneville as Mr. Bennet too. You really nailed the best aspects of this show. It was a parody of Colin Firth, in many ways.

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

I knew Mrs. Bennet looked familiar! I just couldn't place her.

celi.a said...

Love that fun, brief review. I shall have to check this out...if I can ever remind myself to make room in my Netflix queue! Enjoy the rest of your Everything Austen challenge items!

hmsgofita said...

So glad you enjoyed it! Great review.