Thursday, October 08, 2009

No Knitting, No Photos

I'm listening to the audio book of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. Yes, I have read all the bad reviews--deserved and undeserved. No, I do not believe he is a literary giant. Yes, everyone should read the classics. I do. I recognize good well-written literature. As a matter of fact, I read good literature every day. Sometimes I just want plot or fluff or even nonsense. Brown is a good entertainment read. And, just occasionally, you may come across a gem like this one:

Google is not a synonym for "research."

Right now, I'm working with some students on their freshman comp research papers. I would like to tattoo this quotation on the backs of their hands so they can see it when they are at the keyboard. Even though they've been introduced to solid library-based databases, they are out there surfing and not checking the validity of the sources they find.

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