Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Snow

If you look really hard at the sky, you can see that great big fluffy flakes are falling. I don't know why they are not visible in front of the tree.
We seldom have an early snow like this; in fact, most of our snow is in late January, February, and sometimes early March, so this is a treat. My late-turning pear tree, which doesn't turn red until all other fall color is pretty much gone, really shows up like this. Notice that the temperature is at the point where the snow is sticking to the street but not to the driveway. You would think that asphalt would be warmer than concrete.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. Both children and their spouses were here. In fact, I just did turkey and trimming and the girls brought the rest of the food. We had three little girls running, giggling, and generally having a good time, and lots of good visiting and conversation. The oldest little girl even said the Thanksgiving prayer for the meal.
Yesterday would have been my parents' 78th wedding anniversary. They would have been proud of those grandchildren and their children!


Deb said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving. We ran into some snow on our way home from my sister's home in New York state. It was mostly rain, but when we crossed over the southern mountains in Vermont, the rain was snow. By the time we got to southwestern NH it was back to rain --- a great example of elevation affecting temperature and therefore precipitation! (And I just got through teaching this concept in my science classes!)

Knittinreed said...

What a lovely Thanksgiving! We had a gorgeous sunny 60 degree day. (And everyone's feet were happy) But this morning - SNOW! It is in the 40s, so it will be gone soon. It was fun to wake up to, though.