Sunday, November 08, 2009


I try very hard to be accepting of all kinds of people, but the truth is that I do not live in a cosmopolitan, or even metropolitan, area. I'm pretty close to the middle of "flyover country." We don't get a lot of exposure to the more exotic types of humanity, except for teenagers, and we just try to overlook that because they're, well, you know, teenagers.

Yesterday morning I was in Barnes & Noble in the nearest city, sitting in the coffee shop having what is for me an outrageously expensive cup of coffee. (In my town, the only place to get a latte is out of a self-service machine at the convenience store-gas station-pizza parlor-sub shop. No kidding!) I have been keeping an eye out for very small purses with lots of shiny stuff because one of my 2-year-old granddaughters is crazy about them. At a nearby table, facing me, was an adorable little girl of about 5, dressed in a striped t-shirt, jean vest, jeans, socks, and some cute suede clogs. Her hair was neatly put up with a big pink ribbon bow. On the table between her and the woman I assumed was her mother was THE purse! Small, shiny pink, rows of braid in gold, silver, and pearl, spangles in lavender and hot pink. I actually opened my mouth to say, "Excuse me, but would it be too rude of me to ask about your daughter's purse?" And, of course, explain why I was asking. Yes, around here, we do talk to strangers.

Thank heavens, at that moment, the mother reached for the bag, and it was obvious that it was hers. She was dressed in a long black skirt and pink blouse, and was, naturally, seated in a chair. As she was digging in the handbag, she turned toward me, and I saw the rest of the ensemble. The blonde hair that had been on the side facing me had been painted with rainbow colors on the other side of her head. I almost missed it, though, because of the 5, yes, 5, studs sticking through just below her lower lip, the ring IN her lower lip, the nose stud, and the eyebrow ring. I'll admit I didn't even look at her ears. As she stood, her long skirt, of course, raised up and brought her feet into view. She was wearing fuzzy fake fur rainbow striped houseshoes that matched her hair. I am not trying to judge, but I simply could not reconcile such an unconventionally--at least for our location--dressed woman with such an absolutely conventionally dressed child.

Of course, I realize that by daring to write this, I've proved exactly how provincial I am. I would not have blinked if someone in levis, boots, chaps, and spurs walked through, even if that person had smelled like horses and cows and manure. That I'm used to.


Carrie said...

I'm guessing that Rainbow Brite's daughter's act of rebellion is to insist on dressing like a normal person. Did you find out about the purse anyway?

I, however, saw about a 6yo yesterday (male) who was wearing about a 3/4 carat diamond earring. Left ear. I really hope it was fake diamond.

Knittinreed said...

Hmmmm - that must have been some sight. Even here in the DFS Metroplex - a sght for sure!

Did you find out where she got the purse?