Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

My tree is up and decorated. I switched to a smaller tree a few years back after giving each of my married children their ornament collections. The lights are already on this one as well, so that takes care of much of the work.

I always feel that I have somehow let my mother down when I decorate a tree. When I was a child, in the days of not only real trees but the days of the bigger light bulbs, the ones the size that go in night lights, my mother was a Christmas tree decorating perfectionist. When the tree is real, it is never perfect--probably a lesson from God in that fact. However, she could make the red, yellow, blue, green, and orange lights as perfect as possible. She would string them on the tree and stand back and unscrew bulbs in an effort to be sure that no bulb was next to another bulb of the same color. Then she would move to another angle and do the same thing. Of course, since the tree was not totally opaque, what worked from one angle didn't work from another. The process seemed to take hours and hours to a child, and I'm sure it did indeed take at least one. It was, however, just preparation for the final task of putting on those aluminum foil icicles, one at a time. We didn't buy new icicles every year either. The ones that were carefully removed from the previous year's tree were preserved between the pages of an issue of Life or Look. Anything made of foil was reused. I'm sure that habit was left over not just from the Great Depression but from the sacrifices made during World War II, which was not far in the past when I was born. Thank you for the memories, Mama! . . . and after school this afternoon, first thing, I am placing your Christmas Cat in the entryway!


Carrie said...

You may want to put that cat up HIGH or a certain cat-obsessed 2yo may be latching onto it.

That's IF I can get her out of her costume by tomorrow. This morning she screamed for 30 minutes.

LizzieK8 said...

I remember saving the tinsel and the long hours and hours and hours of string one piece at a time. The trees were gorgeous, but.....such a task for a five year old who wanted nothing more than it all to be done so Santa would get here!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Deb said...

I miss the tinsel of our youth! I don't use any now - I can't stand the static cling!