Sunday, December 20, 2009


Our family gathered for Christmas yesterday at our house. I wasn't as on top of the decorating this year as I would like to have been, but we had a good time anyway. I have noticed that 2- and 6-year-olds don't much care about things like that! Our lunch was fine, thanks to the hard work of daughter and daughter-in-law. My casserole didn't seem quite right, and I've decided that it was because I used a can of store brand tomatoes with peppers that said "milder" instead of the brand-name Ro-Tel in "Mild." Or something else. We had the obigatory family holiday dish as well. In general I like to have a much less formal meal on Christmas so we can visit and let the children play with presents instead of worrying with china and linens. Since the day is over, I can post pictures of the two small Christmas presents that I knitted in addition to the sweater ornaments. Here they are:

Two pairs of Wool Ease socks in Cranberry. I used the Bell Lace Worsted pattern from Ravelry, but my lace came out looking different from the picture. I suspect I may have slipped the stitch as if to knit when I should have slipped it as if to purl. However, I really liked the way the lace looked on the first sock, so I just kept doing what I was doing. I'd never knit worsted socks before. My goodness, they are fast! These are intended for tv watching and keeping feet warm at night when up with tiny children. I included them in packages with a mug, popcorn, chocolaty goodies, and cocoa mix. I also tucked in a DVD--Twilight for my DDIL and The Thorn Birds for my DD.
Early this morning--we're kind of weird that way--DH and I watched Flags of Our Fathers. I was pleased with how faithfully the movie adapted the book which I just read last week, but I found it to be very painful to watch.
Then we drove to Clovis for our almost-weekly "date" lunch, which we shared with our DS and his family at Chili's. We had a great time, and my food was delicious, and my grandson's mac and cheese was evidently superb. The corn dog my granddaughter was eating was ok, too, even thought she was very tired and nap-ready. I'm not even sure what the others at the table ate. We were pretty busy at our end.


Knittinreed said...

How nice to have your family all there. The socks are great!!! Love the color and texture.

Merry Christmas to you Jane.

Knittinreed said...

Thanks for the comments. The NE Weather had no effect on us. Thankfully.