Saturday, December 05, 2009

No Knitting Content. . . .

which is probably part of the problem. I am in serious danger of turning into the grinch, or worse. None of this is connected to Christmas, at least not directly. It was a tough week at school, with many interruptions that interfered with the students being able to finish some essays. That wouldn't be so significant except that every single essay must be graded before the end of next week because the next week is final exams for the semester, and I need to figure out exactly who is and is not exempt.

One of the interruptions was the graduation announcement people. They really push the students to buy packages of graduation stuff--a souvenir tassel, invitations, invitation souvenir holders, etc. In the glitzy little brochure, it is easy to overlook the small section that just sells the invitations on an a la carte basis. I feel bad about this because so many of our students are from low-income backgrounds, and I know that graduation puts a big strain on the family budgets.

I've also been having some problem with a knee. It has actually been getting much better with a combination of exercises, support, and ibuprofen. I do, however, still need to be careful with it. This morning my DH and I went to a nearby town for a monthly big grocery shop. I had everything mentally planned out. However, when I got out of the car and walked into the store, I realized that I had forgotten my support device for my knee. I wasn't particularly concerned because I knew that there was a bench to sit down on if I needed to before I got out of the store. I should also add that this particular grocery has always had a rather strange layout, but at least I knew where things were. Imagine my surprise when I got inside and discovered the entire store had been reset. The checkout counters were also new and in the process of being installed, and any benches or seating had been removed! I grabbed a cart and began looking. I successfully negotiated the dairy section. However, I never found some of the things I was looking for in the middle sections of the store. The meat counters were almost empty. The signage was hard to figure out. My vocabulary is far from limited, but changing "toothpaste" to "oral hygiene" and dividing "Authentic Hispanic" from "Traditional Hispanic" was just confusing. Furthermore, the new store arrangement was not any more logical than the old. Why would all soft drinks be in one section except root beer, which was with the candy and nuts? When my DH came in, I actually said that I couldn't stand it any more, gave him the cart, took the keys, and went to the car. The lack of customer service at this business has irritated me somewhat for a while, but we frequently go to that town on Saturdays, so it is handy. If I plan better, I can make a monthly trip to another nearby city where there is an efficiently organized store to shop in. I know that I'm being unreasonably picky about a place that is trying to become more competitive and improve business, but that's the kind of mood I've been in. When a rival chain did the same thing a couple of years ago, they had personnel all over that store helping people find where they had put items instead of just leaving the customers wandering aimlessly.

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Deb said...

Our local grocery store is constantly rearranging the layout. I've been told the purpose is to make us spend more time in the store and therefore do more impulse buying as we see things we weren't looking for in our quest to find the things on our list. Instead, I get frustrated and leave! Fortunately, my husband does 99% of our shopping, and he likes the hunt! He's good too about resisting the impulse. So I leave the shopping to him!