Friday, January 22, 2010

Alas, but at least it's Friday!

The "fix" for the printer didn't work. Actually, I think the fix for the wireless adapter probably worked fine, but it turns out that my OLD printer is not compatible with Windows 7, even with a workaround. A new one is on order, and I am looking for a home for this one since it still works just fine.

This was the end of a good week at school. One never quite knows if one can get across anything worthwhile about poetry of the Romantic period to an average bunch of seniors. I try to choose poems and assignments that stress the connection between certain Romantic characteristics and the world the students live in today, but that is sometimes a difficult task. I only had one day this week when I unexpectedly lost an entire class to an unannounced meeting.

I'm still making progress, albeit slowly, on the log cabin blanket. Tonight should be a movie and knitting night, so there is hope.

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Deb said...

This felt like more of a wasted week at school to me. We were off Monday, and then on Tuesday I had a sub. I am on the district ELA curriculum team and we've just started the process of reviewing and rewriting the ELA curriculum. So I had to have sub-proof work for my darlings. Wed we had shortened classes due to an assembly, Thursday was a "regular" day, and Friday we had another shortened day to accommodate student/teacher goal-setting conferences. Plus the quarter ends on Tuesday so I am trying to get kids to finish up projects! I'm glad the week's over!