Saturday, January 09, 2010

Good Saturday

After a few weeks of the blahs, except for Christmas, and including a computer crash and a hot water heater replacement, my spirits are looking up.

Today we drove out of town and ran some errands--"special" grocery shopping and a new haircut for me--both of which cheered me up considerably. The haircut was badly needed, and there's this one grocery store that I find incredibly restful and soothing to shop in. For me, that's saying something because I am not by nature a person who enjoys shopping. I grew up in a family involved in retail sales, and DH and I have continued that, but I don't like to shop. But this one grocery has an atmosphere I like.

Then we got together with both of our children and the grandchildren for lunch at Cheddar's. The pot pie was really good, and we had a wonderful time visiting. Our DSIL was there also, but DDIL had to work.

Now we are home, and I'm getting ready to do some "weekend-so-we'll-have-something-to-eat-ready-in- the-freezer" cooking. First will be a Boston butt turned into pulled pork in the crockpot. Then a recipe of pressure cooker chili to go into containers. I also bought a meal kit for shrimp and sausage gumbo. I know many of you would shudder at buying a kit, but with just the two of us, buying even the small size of all the individual ingredients in gumbo results in waaaaay too much! One of these kits will feed both of us for two meals with enough left over for me to take a container for lunch one day. That's for $5.99. I think that's an ok compromise! And it's great to have a backup meal in the freezer ready to go for one of those evenings when nothing else sounds good.

We also have a recorded episode of Medium to watch and a couple of Netflix selections--good knitting time for that blanket project.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Deb said...

Sounds like a great weekend! We had dinner out with friends Friday night, went south (spur of the moment type trip) to CT to visit my almost-91 year aunt, and am now home for church and all the usual weekend chores. I've got Dark Shadows on Netflix, and some TV shows on the DVR, but probably won't get to those.