Friday, January 08, 2010

Just a Note

Just a quick progress note before I get ready for work--In fact, getting ready for work is progress. This has been my work week so far--

Monday--normal work day

Tuesday--normal work day except for being out an hour to attend a funeral

Wednesday--knee out--ice, ibuprophen, walker, in bed all morning, knitting all afternoon on the log cabin blanket with ice on my knee

Thursday--knee still wonky and very sore, but better, much better by lunchtime, lots of knitting progress and afternoon by warm fire on extremely cold day.

Friday--back to work and real sentences and punctuation. One assembly that I really don't want to attend and a lunchtime meeting that will be pleasant.

I haven't exactly overtaxed myself, but I did stay busy. Somewhere in the at home time, I managed to schedule the meeting at work, take care of some family business with my daughter (Blackberries are wonderful!) and upgrade the RAM on this laptop.

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