Thursday, January 14, 2010

Knitting Report in a Hectic Week

We lost a student this week in a car accident. Actually, she was a middle school student, but the other two students in the vehicle were ours, and the community is so small that we're pretty much one school. The funeral is today. Helping young people deal with tragedy is always a challenge.

My home computer is still messed up but improving. I just haven't had an evening to spend on the phone with technical support. I'm waiting for the weekend. I must say that I find Windows 7 to be a big improvement over Vista, but then most things would be. I have not yet played with many of the features because I haven't had time.

On the knitting front, last night I finished the blue log cabin blanket, at least the log cabin part. I hope to whip out the I-cord after school and tonight. My two totes of acrylic have been brought into the warm living room so that I can immediately choose colors for the next blanket. I am planning, I think, warm and cool colors of medium values. I am going to try a trick I read about on Knitters Review and set out my colors and photograph them. Then I will photoshop them to grayscale to check the value of the colors to make sure they will all blend together. I'll post a picture of the finished blanket as soon as I can make one.

Tomorrow, thanks to the efforts of a teacher in our building, we are having a special speaker, Gary Soto, the young adult and children's writer. I hope having this Hispanic writer will connect well with our students. He is doing a number of very special things at the primary and elementary today. Under a grant we have, all the primary children are getting hardcover, autographed picture books. Another grant will provide paperbacks for elementary and primary children. I'm not sure about middle school.

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