Thursday, January 21, 2010

Limited Knitting

I'm still in the throes of computer changeover. Last year, when I bought a laptop, I was able to convert my HP all-in-one scanner, printer, fax to wireless by buying an upgrade kit. I think I saved about $100 by doing that instead of getting a new printer, plus I felt that it was the environmentally responsible thing to do. There was also the idea that I had a printer I liked and that was dependable and used relatively inexpensive cartridges, so I did not want to change. Well, since I have upgraded to Windows 7, the printer is not working. I finally found on-line some directions for a workaround to make my printer work with Windows 7. There is also the slight possibility that my printer is not going to work because of a power surge that hit town a couple of weeks ago. It was slight enough not to disrupt digital clocks, but it ruined a couple of flat-screens and caused computer problems. At our house, those items were protected, but a piece of store equipment (thankfully almost obsolete) was ruined. It was plugged into the same outlet as my printer. I think I'll fire up my old computer which is directly connected to the printer and see if I can make it work that way before trying the workaround.

Some knitting progress on the last log cabin blanket.

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