Friday, January 01, 2010

New Gadget for a New Year

However, the brain is still old. Those "intuitive" movements are not so intuitive.
This is my new Blackberry Curve 8330 which has replaced my really, really crummy (technical term) cell phone. The battery cover on the old phone fell off all the time, but I didn't like the choices at my carrier, so I didn't want to sign up for a new contract. At the insistence of my DS and
DDIL, I have made the move to a new carrier and a new "smart" phone.

So far, I have spent an unbelieveable amount of time customizing, and I can assure you that I talked them into doing everything that I could. It is so nice, though, to have a QWERTY keyboard, to be able to send/receive e-mails, and to have the phone remain intact in my hands. I think I will also enjoy the internet access and the television access once I become more comfortable with them.

Yesterday, I took care of some of the "tranquilizer" benefits of the device. I can already tell that I will still prefer my tiny lightweight Sansa Clips for listening to audio books because they clip to my clothing, including robes and nighties. I can't do that with a Blackberry--too heavy. However, just in case I have an urgent need for an audio book, I now have access to my audible library, and I can download a book in a flash. I have also installed the Barnes and Noble ereader, so I have Little Women and Pride and Prejudice all loaded up and ready to go. I'm having a little trouble getting the operating button sequence down for that one, but I'm sure it will come with time. Now if this thing would just hold a small knitting project for those other waiting room moments, I would be in great shape.

I also know that I want to slide the device back into its vinyl sheath with the magnet because that conserves battery life and keeps lint from messing up the track ball, but I would really like to make a slightly larger felted and lined pouch with an outer pocket for an earbud since this phone is too big to fit the handy dandy cell pocket in my purse. I'll have to "think on" it for a while to come up with a design.
Are there any "must have" knitting applications for this thing?
I also found this post from a fellow knitting blogger to be inspirational for the new year. I hope you enjoy it as well.

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Deb said...

Wow! What a lot of apps that you have access to. Where I live, I am limited to basic cell phone services and even that coverage can be spotty. I did get a Kindle for Christmas, but downloads work better in the next town over where I can get 2-3 bars from the 3G network. At home, I sometimes can get 1 bar. (Fortunately, I go to that town a lot!)