Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Nice Day

Today was a "pajama day." DH cooked breakfast while I knitted. I am on the last round of stripes on the log cabin blanket for a granddaughter. We had picked up a pizza yesterday from Papa Murphy's, which is one of those places where you can order a pizza and take it home to cook. It was actually very good. We had some left for lunches for the coming week.

After lunch, I started knitting while watching a movie in front of a warm fire. Sure enough, knitting turned into napping, but I have made significant progress--I have about 1 1/2 stripes to go. Then an I-cord edging. Two of the grandchildren came to spend some time with us, so I am just now headed back into the living room for some knitting and tv time.

DH baked banana bread, and I did get the both the pulled pork and the chili made to go in meal-size freezer containers.

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