Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NOT as much fun as knitting. . .

but a relief nevertheless. I now have a functioning printer at home again. Right now it is sitting about 3 feet from the computer and connecting wirelessly, but come tomorrow afternoon, it will be sitting out in the other room, connected to the phone line, and, I hope, also functioning as a fax and a scanner. If it works half as well as my old HP All-in-one, it will be quite satisfactory. One of the criticisms of this model is that it is a bit noisy, but that suits me just fine because that way I can hear if it is printing in the other room without having to make a run to go see. Unfortunately, installation messed up my knitting time for the evening, but I'll make it up soon.
One complaint--The installation poster and other instructions referred to parts by name, "printer head," "wireless setup cable," etc. All the parts were neatly bagged, but labeled only with numbers. A little consistency would have been helpful.


Lupie said...

I found your blog on knitters review.com while looking for a pattern for a knitted nursing shawl. I know the posts where from 2007 but would like to know if you ever found a pattern.
I am Lupie on ravelry
http://www.ravelry.com/people/Lupieor if you don't belong I can check back here if you can help me.
Thank you

Deb said...

We've got an HP All in One too, and we've been VERY happy with it.