Sunday, January 24, 2010

Success, I Think

Mayzie liked the blanket. I am not flattering myself that it's because it is beautifully (not) knitted. It is because:

  • It is a soft and drapey blanket, suitable for stripping to underwear and wrapping in and walking around the living room.

  • It is BLUE!

  • It has stwipes.

A bit of wisdom from my personal experience that you are free to disagree with--For younger children, the log cabin or moderne log cabin patterns are excellent choices because everything is knitted together. There are no seams. Therefore, the blanket is stretchy and drapey in all directions. If you seam a blanket for a small child, it will stretch in some places, but not at the seams and will inevitably start to wear and pop seams with just normal use and stretching. I am considering that it would be possible to counteract this tendency by knitting blocks or strips togeether with a 3-needle bindoff, but I haven't experimented with it yet. This is also why I like a knitted-on edge like I-cord or a garter stitch edge. The same principle holds true for men, who tend to tuck the blanket under their feet and push and stretch. I have noticed that some people are leaving live stitches to pick up on log cabins instead of binding off and picking up. I wonder if that would be even better in the stretchiness factor.

Hint: Since I don't have any larger DPNs, I use just the ends of my Knit Picks Options with no cables to knit the I-cord edge. I work it so that I am knitting off the screw socket end with the pointy end. This doesn't work as well with the Harmony needles because of the seam between the wood and the metal socket, but it does still work. I know there's a method of doing I-cord using the entire circ, but this seems much faster, particularly with the weight of an afghan in my lap.


Carrie said...

She slept cocooned up in it like a little caterpillar. :-) I'll have to download pics later and see how they turned out.

Knittinreed said...


Miss Remmers said...

I absolutely love the painted tree! Wow!

Solaris said...

The blanket looks great!