Thursday, February 04, 2010

Just Keep Knitting, Knitting, Knitting

I'm not exactly sure why I haven't posted. We were out of school last Thursday and Friday because of snow, which was pretty much still on the ground but not the streets by yesterday. Then it began raining most of the day, turning to sleet and snow by evening. Today we did have school, but we started 2 hours late. The word is that we're expecting more snow on Sunday.

Last year, we did not have even one late start day, and I seldom even wore a sweater. This sort of dual personality as far as weather goes is typical of this part of Texas.

DH and I really enjoyed the snow days last week. We hibernated, napped, watched movies, petted the chicken (subject for a different post), and I knitted. I am still working on that last log cabin blanket. I think it's going to be very nice when I get it finished. I enjoy doing log cabins, and I certainly enjoy knitting, but there is a such a thing as too much garter stitch! I had intended to start some socks when I finish this, but socks on a circular needle in stockinette are pretty much like back and forth garter stitch. I am being tempted by one of Wendy's shawlettes. I have some lovely sock yarn that I ordered a couple of years back. I used one color of it, and the socks did not hold up well at all. The yarn was much too soft, but the dye jobs are beautiful. I am thinking of using that other skein for the shawlette and following a pattern with a design in it!

School is rather frantic. First of all, there's all the adjustment for the weather. Then we are planning a Shakespeare Festival, starting extra after-school tutoring for the standardized testing, planning a writing camp tutoring for some students with an outside consultant, and studying textbooks for textbook adoption. It sounds even worse when I write it down.

The seniors ordered caps and gowns this week, so we are on our way to the end of another year.

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