Thursday, February 11, 2010

Warning: A Rant

We are in the process of trying to change ISPs. The service we have been using since 1995 has rather slow speeds, and we would like to be able to watch movies and even a You Tube video in real time. We are also looking for a service that bundles in order to save some money. Unlike those of you who live in or near cities, the choices out here in the less-populated areas of flyover country are rather limited. The first is the one we already had, owned by a rural telephone company. The second is a wireless setup, owned by a company in the nearest city of size. However, since we are not in the right sight line from the top of the grain elevator (I'm not kidding) where the source is located, we can't connect that way. The third is with a regular mainstream telephone service provider.

I've shopped carefully. I have checked with a number of people, including one of those computer hardware geeks who builds his own PCs with the cases that are transparent with cooling fans with lights and stuff, who are pleased with both the repair service and the quality of the signal they have with choice number three. This week, after reworking my home computer setup to be more efficient, I called during my conference period to arrange serice. I landed in telephone hell! I was transferred from one department to another a number of times. One would think that if anyone could transfer a call without losing the connection, it would be the telephone company, but no. That first call was on Monday. The transfer of service was supposed to be on Tuesday afternoon. On Tuesday morning, I got a notice on my Blackberry that they needed more information. I called on my conference period. The day before I had set up the account using my husband's name for the listing but giving my name as the authorized person on the account. Furthermore, they had sent the notice to my Blackberry. However, now I was a security issue. I could be given no information, and they would accept none from me. However, they would have X call me back. No call. On Wednesday, I chose to ignore the entire situation. I had already devoted 1 and 1/2 hours to phone tag with these people.

Today, we have a school vacation that began at 1 o'clock. After watching the Duels in Daytona, I called the company again and talked with a very nice woman who gave me the information that my order has indeed gone through properly. The switchover should be next Tuesday, at which time they will ship the wireless modem and router to me to hook up. They promise to talk me through the procedure, and I do have children who know about these things, so I am hopeful. However, here's a clue--businesses simply should not make it this hard to sign up for a basic service. Obviously, the first few people I talked with didn't know what they were doing. I was merely trying to sign up for one of their basic advertised bundles, no fancy variations.

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Karen said...

I actually changed wireless providers because my husband was the authorized contact and the people at the store would not allow me to upgrade my cell phone.