Monday, March 01, 2010

Not a Finished Project

I should have known better than to tempt the knitting fates with a comment about "only chart C." I spent the next night knitting and tinking and knitting and counting and tinking. I probably should have figured it out when I obviously could not count to 8 without making mistakes. After all, illness usually attacks at the weakest point, which in my case tends to be anything to do with math. I came down with a whopper of something-or-the-other, including fierce coughing, extremely painful sinus congestion, and for a couple of days, a temperature. I missed the entire week of school and was housebound for two weekends and a work week. I did, however, watch much more of the actual Winter Olympics than I would have gotten to see otherwise, including a few events that were probably not even actual events (ice dancing involving trios of dancers?) while I was running a temp. Today I was back at school with very little energy and even less enthusiasm. I have not even touched a knitting needle. . . . and when I came into the house tonight, I discovered that my wonderful husband, who had been so helpful while I was ill, has now come down with whatever-it-is. I'll finish the shawlette when I get a chance, but as soon as I feel a little better, I have three costumes to sew for the contest One-Act Play. Right now, I'm going to bed very early!

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Deb said...

Ugh! Unfortunately I can imagine your past 10 days. I'm home today (and probably tomorrow) with conjunctivitis, a sinus infection, and possible strep throat. I've been sick since last Wed. but didn't make it to the dr til yesterday. We were on winter break last week so I didn't miss school. Went home early yesterday when the pink eye arrived, and then went to the dr. Since being on the antibiotics, I have felt MUCH better, except for my eye. That's probably what will keep me home again tomorrow. So, I'm already thinking about a 2nd day of sub plans. . . I didn't finish my Knitting Olympics challenge either:(