Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Member of the Mob

Two years ago I knitted Wonderful Wallabies for the four grandchildren. They were indeed wonderful all-around playtime sweaters. I used Plymouth Encore so that they were washable and dryable, and they still look pretty good, but they have been outgrown. I am starting on new sweaters for this fall and winter. This year the girls picked out their own colors since they are old enough to have very definite opinions, and I am again using Plymouth Encore. The one grandson is going to have a different kind of sweater. Wonderful Wallabies are unisex, but he is reaching the age where he doesn't want something that is just like what the girls have.

The main detail that keeps the Wonderful Wallaby from being just another bottom-up raglan with a hood is the Wallaby pocket and their method of seamlessly attaching it. I don't want to infringe on copyright, but I do want to give a hint to anyone out there who is thinking of knitting one of these. This hint is mentioned as an option in the directions, but it sounds like an extra little bit of trouble. Believe me, I have tried both with and without, and you do want to do this. Take a yarn needle and run a line through the row of stitches that you will be picking up through for the pocket attachment. You can do it by counting every row, but your eyes will eventually be crossing, and your progress will be very slow. Now for my own hint: The directions say to attach to the second row above the ribbing. Since the first row above the ribbing has increases, I like the appearance better if I attach to the third row. It makes no difference to the fit of the pattern or anything, but I think the pocket blends more seamlessly into the garment this way. That is particularly important for the sweaters I'm making since I am making them extra big with somewhat tighter ribbing to get 2 years of wear out of them. I think I got that idea from Elizabeth Zimmermann. You can see my line marked in the picture below. The yarn is Plymouth Encore in Aquamarine.

What a surprise yesterday when I noticed that Amazon had dropped the Kindle price to $189! I had placed my original order on May 29, and mindful of Amazon's rumored policy of adjusting if there were price changes within the month, I decided to try. I emailed their customer service department. This morning I received an email that said that I would be getting a $70 refund. Skeptic that I am, I will wait to celebrate until the money is verified in my account in the next couple of days. I'll bet that they are having a lot of emails similar to mine. I am going to try to show how much I appreciate their policy by using most of this amount to buy books for my Kindle. That seems appropriate.

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