Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Body

The body is completed, including fusing the pocket to the sweater at the top. Now I will knit one more round, putting the underarm stitches on scrap yarn and using the caps to my Knit Picks Options to turn the cable into a large stitch holder. Next, I'll knit the sleeves. If you are making this pattern, be sure to check for length. After measuring another garment that fit the child, I am making the body 3" longer than the pattern size. Actually, I'm making this one the same size as another Wallaby, but I did measure an existing garment for the first one. I will also lengthen the sleeves. A little grow room helps the sweaters stay wearable longer.
I am still pretty much just lazing around. After living a life that ran on a bell schedule for so many years, with even summers planned to get everything in, I'm having trouble getting myself organized and/or motivated to get with it very fast. We're watching a lot of movies and tv, and I'm reading and knitting. I've also been doing some clerical tasks that have needed to be done for some time. I'll get it all going soon and work out some systems. Tomorrow is another grandchild day, so that will be fun. I even watched the new Pippi Longstocking movie the other night. With grandchildren, of course. My grandson was entranced, and I'm glad. Pippi was a favorite of mine when I was a girl.

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