Monday, June 21, 2010

Not a Friday Night Post

Right now, I have a case of finishitis, which is not necessarily a bad thing. These socks had been hanging around on needles since December, and I decided it was time to finish them. Part of the problem was that I was not enthusiastic about the stripe pattern. I picked up this yarn when Hancock Fabrics in Clovis was going out of business. I paid very little for this single skein of Lion Brand Magic Stripes in Denim. Even though knitting with this product is someething like knitting with string, and even though the socks turn out rather thick, there are times that I like wearing that kind of sock. They machine wash and dry well, and they get much softer after laundering. However, I really do not like fraternally striped socks. I prefer identical twins. It was immediately apparent to me that the pattern repeat was so long in this yarn that I couldn't make twins. Furthermore, when my colorblind husband walked through the room and said, "I hope those are for one of the grandkids," I knew they might be a little bit bold for me. I decided to just consider them retirement wear. I really do think they would be fine with a t-shirt and jeans. Of course, I don't even own jeans, but maybe I will. You know you're a knitter when you knit socks and then buy wardrobe to go with the socks.
Anyway, I was in such a buzz last Friday night to get them finished that I decided to stay up watching tv until I could finish them. I kitchenered at 12:15 a.m., and then placed sock 1 on the footstool to admire and laid my newly finished sock 2 on top. I had knitted a toe that was at a 90 degree angle fromthe way it should have been! I frogged, but I did not finish until Sunday afternoon. I was much too frustrated on Saturday. So here they are, in all their stripey, colorful glory.
I also finished reading my first book on my Kindle--In the Bleak Midwinter. This is the first book that I have read in this particular mystery series, and I think that it will be a series that I want to finish. I usually dislike stories about troubled adoptions, but this one didn't really focus on that aspect once it got going. I found the detective character and her police connection to be interesting characters, and the setting in upstate New York in the wintertime made good reading for the hot Texas summer. I really enjoyed the Kindle reading experience as well. I have begun The Moonstone, a free download.
Retirement is going to be ok, I think. I am making progress that probably no one notices but me with several things that have needed to be done forever. It is a relief to work on one as long as I want and then to move on to something else without feeling like I have to push to get it done during the summer on some sort of schedule. I'm also "working" on some entertainment, such as finally watching 24, a tv series that I have never pursued because I couldn't watch it often enough to keep up with a continued story.
Saturday, DH and I drove to Muleshoe--yes, that's a real place--to grocery shop at United and have lunch at Leal's, a really good and moderately priced Mexican food restaurant that has been there forever. Driving through the country on FM214, we noticed that most of this year's wheat crop has been harvested already.


Deb said...

I like the socks! Be bold in retirement and wear them proudly! I love the Julia Fleming-Spencer series too. Thanks for your comment over on my blog. Eventually it will be okay, but I'm not ready to be open yet....I definitely need the summer break!

queen of everything said...

i LOVE the socks, and i've been to muleshoe. yummy to leal's