Friday, June 04, 2010

Random Friday

When I was a little girl, I used to always get out of the bathtub before removing the stopper because I was terrified of going down the drain. Now that I am old, I let the water out before I get out, so that if I slip and knock myself out, I won't drown. There's a life lesson there somewhere.

No knitting right now, but I'm antsy. I think I'll go back and finish a pair of socks that I have on needles before I start or finish anything else.

I used an unexpected check that came through with my teacher retirement to order a Kindle. It was within $6 of the exact amount, so I considered that to be a sign. I was cheap enough, though, to go for the free shipping. It is coming by USPS, and it said that it would not show tracking for 3 days. This morning, it shows tracking--an arrival scan. The only problem is that it does not say where it arrived and was scanned. Why is that helpful? There is no tracking on the cover that I ordered, so I will just have to be surprised when it comes. I always had items like this sent to our business address and didn't worry about arrival because everything was delivered. However, today is Friday, and I am not sure of the exact procedure for home delivery of this kind of package. We have one of those big rural mailboxes at the curb, but they bring some things to the door and you have to be here to receive them. You can't tell that I'm excited or anything, can you?

DH and I are loving our Roku. We have watched shows that we never would have watched if we hadn't had it. Part of the fun is being able to get interested in a series and watch the entire thing back-to-back rather than spaced out over a period of weeks or months. I eventually have plans to watch 24 that way.

I need to go clean a bathroom--the clean the pictures on the wall, wash all the wall tile kind of cleaning. I can make it to the door from there if there is a knock. ("Repair doorbell" is farther down my to-do list for the summer.)

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