Monday, June 07, 2010

That Was the 3rd; This Is the 7th

I'm still awaiting my package. For the first time since June 3rd, there is an arrival scan! Again, it doesn't say where. Excuse my cynicism, but this is a USPS package. If the government is actually employing someone to keep track of tracking information, shouldn't it be USEFUL tracking information?


auntiemichal said...

USPS's "Delivery Confirmation" service is not a tracking service, even though the bar code may be scanned several times during its travels. I think if you look up the description of the service at, it will confirm this. One can pay for Delivery Confirmation for most classes of mail, and it sounds as if your package was sent parcel post which is slower than priority or express. Again, you could check the USPS site for details.

Cathy said...

I have never found USPS tracking to be helpful at all.