Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Book Review

As you may have noticed, my reading and book reviews end up on the Shelfari shelf on my sidebar. However, I have decided that I want to make an effort to mention good reads that I find that are free, not including just checking out a book from the library. I love my kindle, but I realize that the temptation to buy books willynilly could become overwhelming--it's just so EASY!

Of course, free ebooks are available on the internet, and Amazon also makes some available through the kindle store. This book is a Project Gutenberg ebook that was made available by Amazon, so I did not have to fiddle with converter software, and I assume it will remain in my library. This novel is the classic mystery by Wilkie Collins, The Moonstone.

The reviewer of a mystery has to be careful to avoid spoilers, so let me just describe why this book is a good selection to read.

  • The book provides a peek into another time--the Victorian Era in England, not always politically correct by today's standards.

  • The plot contains enough twists and turns to make the mystery interesting.

  • The story is told by many fascinating narrators, all of whom are self-consciously narrating the tale. My two favorites--the old family retainer who fancies himself a misogynist and who guides his life by the philosophizing of Robinson Crusoe: and the irritatingly self-righteous Miss Clack, who attempts to christianize people by leaving tracts, such as Satan in the Sofa Cushions, at corresponding places in her hosts' houses.

Everyone should be able to find this book without charge in written form, as an audiobook, or as an ebook. It's a classic that should not be missed if you like mysteries. Be warned, though--it is a long story, about 500 pages.

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