Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Wonderful Wallaby #5, for a younger granddaughter. I love this pattern for its practicality and wearability, but it is not the world's most exciting knit. This time around, I'm making some modifications. As shown in a previous post, I changed the pocket border to seed stitch instead of garter, and I did the same thing with the neck opening placket. I think it makes a slightly sturdier edge. In addition, I made neck ties by picking up three stitches on the edge of the placket and knitting seed stich ties three stitches wide to the appropriate length. My daughter had felt that the area where the ties were sewn on was a weakness in the previous sweaters. This mod should take care of that nicely. I chose to do the stretch garter stitch hood instead of stockinette (choices included in the pattern) because I like the texture of garter stitch and its stretchiness is great for the hood. This pattern in this size, a six made with a 13 inch body before sleeves and 12 1/2 inch sleeves, used 3.3 balls of Plymouth Encore. There were some spots with tension uneven, but that seems to have blocked out nicely after I ran the finished sweater in a Eucalan wash through the hand wash cycle on my front loader.
I am now going to take a break from Wallabies in order to attempt to finish the borders on a couple of lace shawls that are to that point. I also need to order the yarn for the Wallaby for the other younger granddaughter. It will be a duplicate of this one in a different color. Then I will have a larger Wallaby--must take measurements--for the oldest granddaughter. I am planning to make additional mods to her sweater, perhaps cabling the decreases like The Everyday Sweater from Mason-Dixon. The grandson is getting a different kind of sweater so that he won't look like the girls. I'm planning to use Elizabeth Zimmermann's directions for a hybrid sweater--should be masculine enough. I'm thinking of Plymouth Encore Tweed in navy. The catch is that he wants a yellow lightning bolt on it. THAT will be a challenge.
Over the holiday we napped, took care of a little bit of business, drove to Clovis for a Chinese lunch, and generally goofed off. Today I have been finishing up odds and ends and cleaning out my knitting basket getting ready to start the lace again. First, though, I intend to finish a book that is on my Kindle. I did go out into the country to light sparklers and pop firecrackers with my son, DIL, and youngest granddaughter on the 4th.

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Soonerbeknitting said...

I really like your Wallabys (sp?). I am thinking about making one for each of my 3 great-nephews for Christmas this year. Thanks for including the yardage. That helps me plan.

Hope you are having a good summer.