Friday, July 09, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today, I took my youngest granddaughter and drove to my daughter's house to stay with her two children while she attended a business luncheon. The trip gave the cousins time to visit and play together. It also gave me time to spend a little time with my own baby for her birthday, which had been the day before. It's hard to believe that it has been that many years! Here she is, all dressed up to attend her baby shower. She was only a few days old. This shower was given at her husband's place of business. At the time, he was the only man in an office full of women, so they were quite attentive to babies. The handbag in the background is my mother's, who passed away shortly before my daughter married. She would have been proud to see what a fine young woman and mother she has become.

On entirely different and totally unrelated subjects--

Perhaps because I was an English teacher who worked with words all the time, I sometimes get a real kick out of foreign words, either because they seem very apt for what they are describing or just because they look interesting. For example, there are a number of patterns for dish scrubbies on Ravelry. If I understand correctly, many of these patterns come from Japan, where the word for them is tawashi. Doesn't that seem appropriate? Below is an American version of a tawashi that I found particularly interesting. It is the Hyperbolic Pseudosphere Scrubbie. As you can guess by the title, there is a mathematical explanation attached. It was fun and quick to crochet; in fact, I made two this evening.

Another factor piquing my interest in scrubbies was the recent thread on Knitlist which suggested to me that I wasn't being careful enough to wash my dishcloths and other sink items as frequently as I should. In the past my favorite scrubbies were the 1960s balls of gathered up nylon net, and I still like them, but I absolutely hate to make them! I have a tote full of odds and ends of rather scratchy acrylic yarn. It occurred to me that making enough tawashis that I can just toss one in the washer after a day's use would be a good use of that yarn--IF they work satisfactorily. These two will be my test subjects. I am also increasing my supply of knitted dishcloths.

I have been knitting lace this week, working on the Traveling Woman shawl that I started in April. I am almost finished, but I am running out of yarn. I have located someone with some more of the same yarn, so I am halting my knitting right now so I can alternate rows of the old and new to blend in the new handdyed yarn.

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LizzieK8 said...

Hints from Héloise! That's where we first learned about nylon net scrubbies! Blast from the past!