Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Technological Discomfort

Last summer, when we were busily planning for the new school year, the English Department had a meeting at the local coffeeshop--the Dairy Queen. We discussed in advance that we would feel uncomfortable using our laptops to take notes. Instead we used legal pads and transcribed at home. Even though people here are online all the time, you still don't see public technology use the same way that you do in bigger towns, and we didn't want people staring at us.

I was reminded of this a couple of weeks ago when I took my granddaughters to their gymnastics class in a somewhat larger town. Because of the location, many of the parents just wait in the comfy waiting area in the hallway instead of leaving. Several of them had laptops or were working on I-Phones. One woman, though, came striding across the parking lot with a child beside her. The mom was wearing a very low cut and tight tank top with fairly short cutoffs and flipflops. She had her laptop balanced on one hand and arm and was typing with the other as she rushed into the building. Tucked under the armpit of the typing hand, she was trailing the charger and attached wires. I was impressed by her multitasking, since I can't walk and send a text message at the same time, but, frankly, she looked pretty silly.

Yesterday, I found out that the Bible study class that I had been waiting for was starting today. I called the instructor, who said that I was welcome, but that she was out of books and would have to get me one when she went to Lubbock later this week. I just automatically said, "Never mind. I think that author will have a kindle version." Sure enough, one was available, and I had downloaded or uploaded or both within 4 minutes. Today I went to the lunchtime class. I sat there trying to be unobtrusive with my little notebook and my electronic device. I worked hard at not attracting attention, and I think I succeeded, at least partially because my kindle was in a black, sort of Biblical-looking cover. It worked out well, but I do need to figure out how to highlight items of interest when I am studying the lesson ahead of time.


Carrie said...

Out of the 10ish women in the women's Sunday school class breakout, at least two are usually using iPhone Bible apps.

Deb said...

It's pretty easy to highlight -- You place the cursor at the start of what you want to highlight and press it, and then move it across the text you want to highlight, and click again when you're done. You can find later in your notes through the menu.
What book are you studying?