Sunday, August 15, 2010

Point of View

Isn't it funny how your personal interests affect what you pay attention to when listening or watching? You know how when you are car shopping for a particular model, you seem to see nothing else around you? I sometimes have those experiences about fiber-related things. For example, over the 4th of July weekend, we were watching a series of programs about battles during the American Revolution. The theme music was a song called "Johnny's Gone for a Soldier," an old folk song. The refrain contained the lines, "I'll sell my flax, I'll sell my wheel," clearly a reference to a spinning wheel. Today while driving I was listening to Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised our Nation by Cokie Roberts. I may not have heard the entire book, because it was described as "unabridged excerpts." Not being from one of the former colonies, some of the fine details about the Revolutionary War and its effect upon the citizenry are a often a little vague to me. For example, I never considered that when the colonists boycotted tea and other British imports, such as cloth, that meant that the women of New England in particular had to take up spinning again in order to manufacture cloth. There were evidently group spinning events. Do you suppose this in any way inspired Ghandi many years later? There was evidently a shortage of knitting needles as well. Martha Washington herself was evidently organizing some cloth production during winters spent with the army.

I found this audiobook, which I got with my card from the Philadelphia Free Library, to be an interesting and inspiring lesson about women's role in history. My only wish is that I had been in a position to turn the audio off after each character in order to reflect upon just that person's contribution a little more seriously. I may see if there is a version for my Kindle and do just that.

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Deb said...

Abigail Adams was constantly writing to her husband while he was in Philadelphia about the shortage of pins due to the boycotts. I've got that book on my want to read one of these days list.