Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some Knitting--Finally!

No, this is not a knitted keyboard cover--it is the beginning of what I hope is a very masculine baby blanket in navy tweed yarn. Because of the angle at which I shot the picture, you cannot see much of the basketweave pattern, but it is there. This is for a baby boy, who will be child number four with three big sisters! I thought it was important that he have a "guy" blanket.
I have also finished a sock, almost. It is still on the needles because the toe is not kitchenered because someone tried to help me organize and now I can't find my tapestry needles. That is on my agenda for this week, I hope. I am also still knitting on a Wonderful Wallaby.
The truth is, though, that I have done very little knitting in the past few weeks. When plain knitting around and around on a circular needle is too challenging, I know I am sick. This has been an unusually rain-filled summer by Texas Panhandle standards, which those of you in the rest of the world would find laughable. That means that every weed in our arid environment is having a pollen party. I have had a terrible allergy attack, not the life-threatening kind, but the thoroughly miserable kind. I am coughing, I have headaches, and I lie down at night for awhile and then get up and sit in the recliner for awhile and then reverse the procedure in order to keep everything moving. My poor husband has been most kind. So, in two weeks I have accomplished nothing much besides breathing and playing some mindless computer games because sitting in the office chair is sometimes more comfy than the recliner. I am behind on laundry, on trash, on dishwashing, on bookkeeping, and on knitting. At least I retired so that I didn't have to start to school this week! I am, however, showing signs of being on the mend, at least for a few hours at a time, so I am returning to knitting. I am also reminding myself that my situation is truly fortunate when so many people are really ill.
I have not been entirely idle, however. If you check my Shelfari list, you will see that I have been perpetually listening to audiobooks.

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Anonymous said...

Like you, I'm a retired English teacher. A former colleague gave me the advice that I should plan something really FUN the first week of school and savor the fact that I was now free. Being sick with allergies is awful! I hope you're feeling better soon and can take advantage of this wonderful gift of time.