Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Old and New

Notice Sleeve Number One for the Wonderful Wallaby. Sleeve Number Two is already one inch above the ribbing, but it refused to pose with cuteness.
Now notice the hat, of which I am inordinately proud. I learned to knit when I was about 7 or 8 with needles and a houseshoe pattern. Occasionally over the years, I've tried to figure out a spool knitter or corker--you know, the thing that really little kids can do? Absolutely no luck. Admittedly I was going from written instructions, but I was still confused. I have a couple of totes full of odds and ends of yarn, and a charity project nearby has advertised for hats. I knew that I could not knit really fast hats on needles, but this looked like a good project. Then I got a coupon for Hobby Lobby. I ordered a set of the round looms. I think mine are Classic Knit instead of Knifty Knitters, but they are the same size. The looms came at lunchtime today. I dropped the sleeve, grabbed some Encore from my leftovers, and followed the well-illustrated wrapping instructions for a hat. You can see the results above, complete with a turned up brim. There is one not-quite-right spot, but it is under the brim, so I'm pretending it's not there. And, guess what? It dawned on me about halfway through that the 31 pegs were just like the spool knitter, just much bigger. When I finished the hat, I hunted up my expensive spool knitter--a lovely transparent green, bought with the theory that if I paid more I would figure it out. I didn't look at the instructions at all, just figured it out on my own and made the little knotted bit of I-cord perking up the top of the hat! It's neat learning something new, even if I do seem to be moving backwards in difficulty. While knitting this little cutie, I was thinking of some of the colors that I have and the combinations that I can perhaps make.
I knitted this while listening to a new Elizabeth George Inspector Lynley novel, at least newly available to my audio opportunity.

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