Friday, September 03, 2010

Progress on More than One Front and a Tip

First of all, I am exactly 1/2 way through with my knitted baby blanket. Perhaps I can have it finished in time for the shower, but, if not, it should be finished in plenty of time for the baby.

I am very slowly but surely making noticeable progress on getting my backlog of "things done" around the house.

Today, I also ventured out for the first time since getting sick a couple of weeks ago to do major grocery shopping. I survived just fine. Our small town store still seems baffled by anyone using reusable totes, but I suppose that will come with time. I went with a carefully organized list that includes meals for the next week. I had let some of my meal planning slide since I retired and since DH had been helping me with the shopping. Today I stuck to the list, and we should basically be set for the next couple of weeks except for milk, eggs, and fruit. I can't help feeling that I have really accomplished something. I will be glad to get my energy back. It's amazing how a couple of weeks of doing basically nothing can sap one's strength.

Tomorrow we will leave early to take a load of items in the pickup to DS and his family. These are things that wouldn't readily fit in their moving.

I enjoy listening to audiobooks while knitting or doing household tasks. Although I could download to my Blackberry or my Kindle, I find the little Sansa Clip or Clip+ to be ideal because it is so light that I can clip it to my clothes. Since I don't wear jeans, I often don't have a pocket. I have bought mine refurbished on ebay or, and I am very pleased with the value. Yes, I have more than one because I sometimes switch off with a friend. The cost of the audiobooks, however, is a problem. They tend to be more expensive than my budget allows, considering how fast I listen to them. Some of the librivox books are excellent, but others are not so good. I have a membership to for one book per month, but that doesn't last me long. Ripping CDs from my local library does not work well because of the labels that they use on the disks--a whole other story. The local library does have some OverDrive access, but choices are rather limited. Therefore, I would find myself giving in and buying a number of audiobooks from audible whenever they had a special and the books were about $5-7 each. Not bad. However, the audiobook group on Ravelry had posts about the Free Library of Philadelphia. A membership for someone out of state is only $15 per year, and the audiobook and ebook selection(also OverDrive) is fantastic. In addition, the checkout limit is 10. Believe me, when I was coughing so badly the last couple of weeks that I was trying to just lie in a recliner in a darkened room and drain, these books saved my sanity. Now I'm knitting to them.
If you like audiobooks at all, this would be a wise investment.

I also like my Kindle. Some books do not lend themselves to enjoyment as an audio book, at least not for me. I can check hardbacks out of my local library, but authors that publish in paperback first or who publish in those more expensive, non-mass market paperbacks, are a problem. I enjoy Kindle for that purpose. It is nice being able to change the font size if I wish and to carry such a light and handy device with me. I have not yet tried the voice mode, but I am sure that while it may be handy, it will not have the quality of satisfaction of some of my favorite audio readers like Will Patton and Dick Hill.

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