Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sweater Knitting Time Warp

I started this sweater on July 11, worked madly for a couple of evenings, and then took a break from it. At that point, I lacked two inches of length before I could put the underarms on holders and start the sleeves. Yesterday, I started knitting again, and I hit one of those times when you knit and knit and the progress is absolutely nil! It seemed to take forever to knit those last two inches. Tomorrow I will start the sleeves.
The yarn is Plymouth Encore in Mauvetone. This is Wonderful Wallaby #6 for the oldest granddaughter.


Soonerbeknitting said...

Pretty color! I am looking for yarn to do Wallabies for my great-nephews. Have you had trouble with Encore pilling?

I need yarn that will hold up to a lot of rough use.

Knittinreed said...

Love the color!!!