Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sweater Progress and a Wonderful Weekend

I had half-expected retirement days to just fly by, but compared to a life run by bells and schedules, my days have a more leisurely pace, which is welcome. However, yesterday was a real reminder of how fast time flies. We were in the nearby city where both our children and their families live, and we all went out to eat. We had been to this restaurant before, but this time we no longer had anyone in a high chair, so there was not room at the table for all of us. It ended up with the adults and the two 3-year-olds at the big table and the two 7-year-olds in their own booth! Independence! And I am proud to say that the older two behaved well. I foresee that they are going to be wanting that kind of arrangement from now on. Sigh! Just for the record, the 3s behaved very nicely, too, even though it was almost naptime. I cannot but reflect, however, how short the time seems since we were trying to find the spot to seat our own little ones.

Proof that the sleeves to the Wonderful Wallaby are knitted. I eschewed the looming of hats for the time being. My daughter was kind enough to deliver the blanket and hat set for me yesterday.

Now onward to the process of attaching the sleeves to the sweater body a la Zimmermann and moving on to the decreases for the yoke. I'm still planning cables, but I also have to begin before long on the seed stitch edging the front placket opening. I hope I can keep track. I used these "complications" to justify the purchase of this lovely row counter from the etsy shop of The Twice Sheared Sheep. I have changed my plans for the decrease row cables from the ones by Mason Dixon, which were actually increase-row cables, to the ones designed by Amy King for her pattern "Sprout." We'll see how they work out. I'm saving all that for tomorrow, though. Right now, I'm off to fold laundry and then I may cast on the loom for another hat!

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