Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Swim in the Frog Pond!!!!!!!

I knitted happily on the Wonderful Wallaby this morning and this afternoon. The cables that I had adapted for the decrease lines worked beautifully, and I was very pleased. I was perhaps halfway done with the yoke on the sweater when I decided something looked wonky. It was. I had fused the top part of the pocket crookedly. There was nothing to do (I tried, believe me.) except frog the sweater all the way back to that point. At least I was able to salvage the sleeves so that I don't have to reknit them, but I will have to do about 9" of the body again, plus all the work I did on the yoke today. Next time, I will measure more carefully!

Because someone asked about this last night, I checked on line and found a class project that my English classes did a few years ago is still available for viewing. I thought some of you might be interested. Here is the link.

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