Friday, October 29, 2010

Casting On!

Yesterday was swatch day and math day for the sweater I'm knitting for my grandson. The plans so far:
  • Bottom-up seamless construction a la Elizabeth Zimmermann. Right now, I'm planning to make the top with the saddle-shoulder construction. I wanted to go for the seamless hybrid, but I decided I should knit this kind first.
  • Kids like pockets, so I'm knitting in a front pocket a la Wonderful Wallaby.
  • The hems of the sweater and the arms will be ribbed. I wanted to do a turned hem, but I do not have the child available for fitting, and ribbing gives more adjustability and grow room. I am combination knitting the ribbing, just as I learned in my recent class from Annie Modesitt.
  • Ribbed crew neck.
  • Knitted from Plymouth Encore Tweed in Denim. I was planning to do a couple of rows in a navy tweed on all the ribbing. I tried it. The navy was slightly heavier and did not look good--it made the ribbing ruffle a bit.

Pictures will follow as soon as there is progress to something memorable enough to photograph.

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