Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Thoughts--Sony v. Kindle

Thanks be to God for his mercy in the rescue of the Chilean miners. It has been a joy to watch humanity at its best, as well.

First of all, let me say that I am not a power user of my Kindle 2. I use it for reading. I have not yet used the speech to text feature, but I plan to. I love the provided screensavers, so I certainly am not trying to hack in to change them. What I am comparing here, after a few months of Kindle 2 use and a few days of Sony use, is the reading experience.

Similarities: The screens are similar--no surprise, same technology, same company. The Kindle is a little larger, but I did buy the Pocket Sony, so that's to be expected.

Differences: Weight--the Sony feels much heavier in my hand. The feel is heavier than the Kindle in its padded case. Of course, neither one is so heavy that I feel as if I'm holding a hardback.

Controls: I rather like the numbered buttons down the side of the Sony for menu selection; however, their placement means that the only page turn control is center bottom. If you are like me, and you want to hold your reader one-handed, this is very unhandy. (Nice play on words, huh?) The Kindle has page turns down each side, so I can turn pages no matter which hand I am using. That also means that I'm holding a lightweight reader halfway down the side in a balanced fashion. The Sony button placement means that I'm holding a heavier reader from one end, which means it wants to tilt back.

Charging: I prefer charging my Kindle with AC because it is faster. The Sony included only a USB option.

Wireless/Computer: Of course, I am getting Amazon books from the Whispernet almost instantly; Sony books come by the computer. This, however, is not a problem because that's what I bought the Sony for. What I did not expect is that I have to distinguish between EPUB books and .PDF books and only have one or the other loaded into my Reader at any one time. The forums all say it will mess up if I am not careful about this distinction. That is a pain, since my library source mixes the book types with any one author.

Light: I have a Mighty-Brite clip on light that I really like for my Kindle. I did manage to use it with the Sony, but there is not really enough frame to clip the light securely without blocking a little of the screen. I have ordered a Sony cover with light from, so that should take care of this problem.

So far, I am fairly satisfied with both products.

Knitting projects--back to cables on the Wallaby. 1/2 hat on a loom.

NOTE: Please excuse the random paragraphing on my blog. I am not doing this; Blogger changes what I write.

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