Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Think I'm in Love

I really have to get my photography area set up again after the great plumbing redo. Yes, it is in the extra bathroom--great light, both artificial and natural and enough counter space. Photographing FOs on the computer keyboard is not exactly cutting it. If I were the artistic type, I would have hung these on the arms of the train crossing or something, but I just finished, and I'm tired.

These are the pillowcases for my grandson. Since he has a twin bed and will probably only use one at a time, I made them fraternal twins instead of matchy-matchy. The fabric on the left is In Motion--Trains; on the right, In Motion--Race Cars. The red is Pimatex Basics, Mini Dots. It is the stripe, however, with which I am in love. It is black and a slightly creamy white, the stripes are just a shade off from being uniform, as if they had been painted with a brush, and the feel of the fabric is wonderful. It makes you want to make a wardrobe for yourself and curtains or something just so you can feel it all the time. The name is Olivia Dreams Stripe, which I am assuming means that Olivia the Pig has something to do with this. I just need to make something else from this and check out the coordinating fabrics! All the fabrics came from Fabric.com.
I am still knitting away on the Wonderful Wallaby that has given me trouble. I can attest to the fact that Plymouth Encore is very durable yarn, enduring a number of froggings and tinkings without complaint. I hope to finish it this week so that I can begin number 3 of this set. I am using some of the combination knitting that I am learning from Annie Modesitt since I am now to the part of the sweater that is not in the round.

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