Monday, October 11, 2010

A Journey to the Dark Side

I really, really like my Kindle2, which, of course, I bought just before Kindle3s came out. That is fine with me because K2 does everything that I want to do. Except for one thing. I cannot use it for public library ebooks. When I bought the Kindle, that was not even a consideration because I did not have access to public library ebooks. However, then I read about the Free Library of Philadelphia on an audio book forum on Ravelry. I got a card for $15, which gave me access to loads and loads of OverDrive audio books and to ebooks in EPUB and Adobe PDF format. Many of these books are by authors that I like. Sony recently came out with their new Readers, so, cheapie that I am, I bought one of the old models, brand new, from ebay. It came yesterday. It is charged and loaded, but I have too much to do right now to sit to read. Today will be mostly an audiobook day so that I can knit or clean.
Why do I like both book formats? Knitting and driving and household tasks are one reason for audiobooks. Another is that some authors are just really good to listen to, either because the book has a very strong sense of voice or because the readers are so well-chosen that listening is a dramatic experience. Other books are too complicated to tackle by audio--too many characters, a plot that is too involved, and some may be read by poor readers. And, of course, a book that depends on anything at all visual in the way of secret symbols, maps, or drawings is a problem in audio. I do find that with classics that I have already read several times, listening calls attention to features that I missed when I read the book all by myself.
On the knitting front, it was a slow week. I did, however, advance on the Wallaby to the point of attaching the sleeves again. I was absolutely sure to have center front in the center this time! I also am working on my combination knitting skills with the Modesitt class. I am finding the class very helpful, particularly the online chat time with Annie. I also have another charity hat on the loom--this time the purple Knifty Knitter hat loom with the pegs closer together.
I drove back to Amarillo on Saturday to watch my grandson play in his last soccer game of the season. He did a good job, and I am reasonably sure that our team won even though no score is kept at his age. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and we had a real park bench under a tree.

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