Saturday, October 16, 2010

Memories Prompted by Logo

This design is the logo for the Campaign for Wool in the United Kingdom. Obviously, it is a sheep, but to me it evokes a completely different response, the "feel" of which probably was part of the intent of the designers.

My father attended business college in the 1920's. Among the skills required, in addition to bookkeeping and typewriting on those big black blocky cast metal manual machines, was penmanship. I searched references once, and I think the style was Spencerian, or a close cousin to it. He made futile attempts to teach me when I was in elementary school, but the lessons were undone by what was required in school. Of course, to achieve the proper effect, the writer has to use a fountain pen or dipped pen and ink, rather than pencil or ballpoint. Anyway, one of the features of this method was practices using those big sweeping movements to create designs. Most of my dad's were made of someones initials, or a single letter, or just big designs of loops. The sheep above, though, is certainly one of those kinds of designs. Today, I suppose we would call it calligraphy. It was nice to be reminded of my dad.

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