Monday, October 04, 2010

Wallaby Update, a New Class, and Paper Questions, or A Random Monday Posting

First of all, I am back to the point of the last frogging on the Wallaby--still not all the way to finishing the body, but at least I've made some progress. Finally.

I am also treating myself to the Combination Knitting Class taught on-line by Annie Modesitt. The videos for the first class were quite informative, and they were in separate bits so that the student could mull over things before moving on. Here is my first swatch. Excuse the bad photography angle. I was in a hurry and didn't take time to set up a proper booth. The 20 rows nearest the camera are knit the way I usually knit--Western and English thrown. The top rows--above the paperclip--are also English, but knit in the combination style. I think the results are quite consistent. I can tell a tiny bit of texture difference when I hold it in the light a certain way, but I couldn't get that to photograph.

Last night I had the opportunity to chat with Annie on-line. It was quite a worthwhile experience. I also felt that I was chatting with something of a star. I am hoping that in this class I will learn some techniques that make purling easier for me physically and also improve the consistency of my tension.

Paper mysteries. I know that we are all concerned about being as green as possible. However, I bought some toilet paper--not a major brand, but a common one that I have used in the past. It is 2-ply. Each ply is thinner than tissue paper of any sort. I think it is almost transparent. Furthermore, the two plies do not adhere to each other in any way. That makes it hard to unroll and tear off. I am convinced that we will use more paper this way than we would have used with a more luxurious brand.

Second paper mystery. My husband and I are dealing with a government agency arranging some details of our retirement. We did this on-line in order to save gasoline and paper. The process was involved. We then got a telephone call assuring us that some questions were being taken care of. This weekend, we got a letter in the mail. First of all, I almost threw it away because it looked like junk mail. The envelope is gray, it is not a standard business size for correspondence, and the return address is not printed the same way as in other correspondence from this agency. Indeed the left margin of the return address is not justified and the spacing between the lines is uneven. Inside are 2 sheets of paper. The agency receives a plus for printing on the back so there would not be 3 sheets. However, the paper is a non-standard size. Furthermore, at least half of the second page directs me to do something that we have already done on-line. Considering that this is an agency that is constantly under fire for being "out of money," I have to wonder why they did not communicate with me by computer for this information, which I must answer by computer, and why they went to the expense of odd sizes of envelopes and paper, which in the usual nature of things, must be more expensive than the standard supplies. Furthermore, I wonder how many of these get tossed because they do not look like an official communication. Perhaps the government made the same error I did with the toilet paper. Nevertheless, I think I'm going to check out this communication by telephone before going to the site and doing what it says. I want something that looks more legitimate.

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Robin said...

I'm working on a Wallaby, too. I just started the sleeves. I'm a little confused by the directions but am charging on hoping it will make sense once I have the sleeves done and ready to put together.