Friday, November 12, 2010

A Finished Sweater!

Obviously, the children are getting big enough that I'm going to have to stop the blocking pictures and wait until I can make a picture of the sweater with the arms folded. . . .

This is the Elizabeth Zimmerman Seamless Saddle Shoulder with a Wonderful Wallaby pouch added. The sweater required every inch of 5 skeins of Plymouth Encore Tweed in Denim and the first 14 seasons of A Touch of Frost. I used the directions from Knitting without Tears.

The pouch, added because little boys cannot have too many pockets.

A shoulder. The EZ percentages worked fine, once you worked them out. I did use all 10 of the third set of decreases. However, the last decreases of the saddle had to be ripped back because they did not leave enough room for a child's head. I ended up doing half as many as called for. I hope the neckline is ok. If, not, I can always rip back a little and redo it. According to a sizing chart for children that I referenced online, it should be fine although it is a little more boat-shaped than a regular crew neck. I will try to publish a picture later of the sweater on its recipient.
Today I am attempting to whip out some very thick--2 strands of leftover Encore--bed socks for myself. Wearing regular socks in bed really bothers me for some reason, but I'm already having trouble getting my feet warm at night, and winter has barely begun. They are so bulky and have such short tops that they should be a fast project. Then I will cast on for my granddaughter's Wonderful Wallaby.
Today was our first snow of the season. This was early, so I wonder if we should anticipate a long wet winter. If they can get the rest of the cotton out of the fields, any moisture on the winter wheat will be quite welcome.


Pam said...

Your sweater turned out great. I love the color with the little tweed flecks on it.

Knittinreed said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!! I love the tweedy yarn, the color and expecailly the pouch! What a wonderful sweater :-)